Employer Platform

Aleph Employer platform enable you to Pay your employees salaries

via ACH directly to their Aleph prepaid Mastercard. 

Manage your salaries data

Track your history transfer

Full analytics on the employee's salary

Employee App

Aleph Employee App is an intuitive and easy controlled E-wallet,

completed with Aleph Mastercard® cards”,that provide the following services:

Get your salary deposit directly to your MasterCard which linked to your Aleph App

Domestic/cross-border payment services directly from the App to any bank account in 100 countries,or simple send money to any Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Scan your paycheck/deposit your cash and receive the funds instantly to your card

Use your card in any POS/Online store/ATM

Refer friends and receive reward bonus

Customer support VIa Chatbot in App

Full card control

Watch history transaction live

Block stolen or lost card service 24/7 in App

Change PIn number service in App 24/7