CEO Manifesto

This is the commitments I make to any new person who enters our company.

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As CEO of Aleph, I have four top priorities:

1) Share (both internally and externally) our vision and how we’ll achieve it:

  • Our long-term vision: Unlock massive value through software. There are two Billion unbanked people in the world that don’t have a bank account or access to financial services, most of them have access to smartphones and computers. Aleph will provide the unbanked population an easy and secure access to the basic financial services, and use Machine Learning algorithm, to analyze the financial data, create an internal credit score and underwrite additional financial services.
  • Our immediate mission: Accelerate Deployment Velocity of our software and services businesses that employ unbanked and foreign employees. By doing that we are taking over a niche.

2) Hire and retain exceptional talent: We do not compromise on our people. We prioritize our people through our actions, not just our words. It is my job to surround myself — and each of you– with people who are smarter than the people already here. We will always work to increase the caliber of our team, and that means not being shy about quickly moving non-performers out of the company. We will be transparent about how well each of us is performing, so there are no surprises. That goes for me just as much as any of you.

3) Ensure there’s enough money in the bank: Cash is the oxygen that enables us to execute, and it’s my job to make sure you don’t need to worry about it. Here’s your main responsibility in this area: When you spend the company’s money, do it in a way that’s best for the company. It’s that simple. A one-sentence expense policy.

4) Foster a tribe culture: We– and the families that support us– are not just employees. We are a tribe in every sense of the word. The important people in each of our lives are the ones that enable us to succeed and we celebrate their contribution to our tribe. Our events are family friendly. We offer a companion airplane ticket when we send you to conferences. We offer unlimited PTO because we focus on your output, not your inputs. We continue to vest your stock options when you go back to school and return to our tribe afterward. Once you’ve been at Aleph for three years, we give you 10 years to exercise your options (instead of the standard 90 days) to recognize the effort you’ve put into building value with us.

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