AlephPay provides Payroll and cross-border payment solutions to companies that hiring unbanked or needs to pay their employees Via cryptocurrency.

The employees download our app which is a digital wallet with linked Multi Currency Credit Card, where they can receive their paycheck from their employer or deposit their check/cryptocurrency and receive USD instantly. The user can also send money to 100 countries, and between cards. Executive Summary

We use the smartest financial technology to solve the three key challenges for companies that employ unbanked and their employees


Providing employers an easy and secure way to transfer money to their unbanked employees and enable the employee who has special financial need to open an E-wallet with linked MasterCard and Cross-borders payment services in five minutes


Empower the employee with ultimate authority over the flow of money by providing him access directly from his mobile to his essential and unique financial needs: The ability to deposit money to the mobile account via: Checks deposit – the employee can scan checks 24/7 and receive the money to the E-wallet in one min. Direct ACH transfer – the employee can receive the payroll from the employer directly to his MasterCard. Cash deposit – the employee can deposit cash directly to the MasterCard Cross-border payment to bank accounts in 100 countries and any MasterCard, Visa or Amex worldwide. Full card control - history transactions live, card block in case of lost card and Pin change. Customer support - live chatbot in the App


Providing the unbanked worker a secure way to handle and access his funds with Mastercard instead of holding cash. Aleph founded by entrepreneurs and Fintech experts united by the search for a simple and effective way to manage the flow of money inside organizations of any size – employers and employees alike.